4 Ways to Style a Christmas Table with Paper!

Make styling your Christmas table a breeze this year with our paper placemats! In this guide we will show you three different ways that you can use paper placemats to create a gorgeous Christmas and holiday table. Keep scrolling to see more.

  • Red and green kid's Christmas table
  • Red and green kid's Christmas table

- Tip #1: To create an elegant and fun Christmas table, you do not need to break the bank or fill the dishwasher. Try using paper products this holiday season, like seen on this table. These Plaid Paper Placemats are the perfect combination of red and green for a festive table! Add in some Christmas paper plates, napkins and wooden flatware to make the clean up extra easy at the end of the feast- just simply recycle!

- Tip #2: Create your own table runner with paper placemats! These Poinsettia paper placemats from Lucy Grymes are rectangular and can be laid down the center of your dining table to bring more color, fun and depth! And what says Christmas more than a green and red Poinsettia? Absolutely gorgeous!

- Tip #3: Add candles to tables in the winter time for warmth and glow, along with providing a cozy Christmas aesthetic for your guests.

- Tip #1: Paper placemats make everything better. They are full of color and patterns, and make for the easiest clean up when all of the festivities are over - all you need to do is recycle. These Christmas Leopard Placemats are red and green with two leopards wearing scarves - so much fun!

- Tip #2: Layer your placemats on top of a tablecloth. Because the Leopard print is so busy, tone down the table with a plain bright red tablecloth like seen here!

- Tip #3: To match the the leopards, use a leopard centerpiece. This could be anything from salt and pepper shakers to a vase. Like Megan did here, simply place frosted cranberries and other garland inside for a third Christmas leopard on the table!

- Tip #4: As we usually recommend, you can never go wrong with a plain glass on the table. These stemmed wine glasses are gorgeous pieces for taking the table down a notch, while also making a statement.

- Tip #5: Poinsettias, Poinsettias, Poinsettias! Use them down the center of your table to create a table runner with depth and great festive color for the holiday season! You can never go wrong with this plant perfection, especially when you put them in a Gold paper vase wrap.

- Tip #6: Use gold flatware to enhance the Christmas magic while also matching the vase wraps.

- Tip #7: Top everything off with a green cloth napkin to match your placemats. Beautiful!

- Tip #1: First, start with these adorable red and white Reindeer paper placemats. You can buy them as is, or add your family name or initials for a special touch during the Christmas season.

- Tip #2: Accentuate your placemats with a dark red tablecloth. Not only will it pull the table together, but matches the reindeer!

- Tip #3: Have some fun with your centerpieces! Add garland for a table runner, Santa statues, frosty cranberries, pinecones… and more! Many of these things you can find in your local craft store, and can be stored away for next year’s party! Add candles too for an extra experience, and light them during dessert and coffee.

- Tip #4: To tone down the celebration of the table, use white cloth napkins. They are classy and elegant, match the placemats, and will match just about anything else that you choose to put on your table. You can never go wrong with a white napkin!

- Tip #5: As with the napkins, simple is usually better with a glass when you have so many other bold pieces going on. Use a clear steamed wine glass to keep things clean, simple and chic.

A preppy and jolly white, green and blue Christmas by @leslielehrliving

- Tip #1: Lay out your Trellis paper placemats from Lucy Grymes!

- Tip #2: Layer plates from Wisteria Home Decor on top.

- Tip #3: On each plate, place a Childs Ornament from Cornelia Park!

- Tip #4: To add some texture, use bamboo utensils!

- Tip #5: Dress it up with some chinoiserie! Loving this bowl from Knick Knack Decor.