Easy Rustic Table Settings

Do you want to know how to style an easy and effortless rustic farmhouse table this year for all of your hostessing but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?!? Paper placemats are easy solution because you don’t lose any quality or color, but it is an affordable way to add sophistication to a table setting for cheap! Scroll down to see three different looks that are perfect when styling for a farmhouse chic table setting.

For this tablescape by @gracehamlin, start with a traditional Wood paper placemat. On top, place a yellow cloth napkin. Depending on the season, you can add silver and gold trinkets like the acorns here which are perfect for fall! Pair with chic and timeless glasses.

Feathers are a classic way to dress up a rustic table, and now you can do so in so many colors! Add pops of red, orange, pink and blue to your table with this Feather paper placemat that has a gorgeous scalloped edge. Pair with a rustic gingham cloth napkin and simple sunflowers to brighten up this colorful table even more!

Hosting a brunch can be intimidating when you aren’t sure how to set your table! This beautiful table starts with our Lila Chinoiserie x Camilla Moss paper placemats! She then matched it perfectly with purple cabbage cups and saucers. Absolutely stunning!