Blue and White Tablescape Inspiration for Every Season

Everybody needs paper placemats for their dinner tables. There. We said it. They are one of the most effortless and simple ways to spruce up a table on a budget without losing your style or color! 24 for $23?!? Now that’s a deal we can get behind! We all know that one of the most timeless color combinations when styling is blue and white. It is perfect for every season, and can even make a beginner hostess look like a pro! If you are looking for effortless blue and white tablescaping, you are in the right place. Today we will be showing you how you can recreate four beautiful table settings for every season this year! Scroll down to see all the ways that you can style your next blue and white table.

  • Fall table with blue and white paper placemats
  • Fall table with blue and white paper placemats

To start off this tablescape styling guide, we will begin with our favorite season: fall! This table setting by @meganconlonblog combines blue and white with green elements to really emphasize the feelings of fall…

  1. First, she started with a baby blue gingham tablecloth from Target!
  2. Here at Lucy Grymes, we believe that you can never have too many blue and white patterns on a table! On top of the tablecloth, she laid out our Blue Burst paper placemats for a bold contrasting statement against the gingham.
  3. For napkins, she took these adorable scalloped green scalloped napkins from Fenwick Fields, and folded them effortlessly with a simple yet elegant silver napkin ring. She paired this silver element with silverware.
  4. To continue the blue theme, she used Estelle Colored Glasses.
  5. Last but not least, she created the most fabulous fall “tablerunner” we every did see! To do so, she laid out a faux garland and donned it with mini pumpkins and pinecones.

  • Blue and white holiday table setting
  • Blue and white holiday table setting

I don’t know about you, but when I think of winter, the first color combination that comes to mind is blue and white. This table by @mollyboyd and @sarahgtucker takes the idea of a blue and white in winter to a a whole new level! Scroll down to read more.

  1. They first started with a blue and white patterned tablecloth from India and Divy.
  2. Like we said earlier, you can never have too much blue and white, so next they laid out or Blue Holly paper placemats!
  3. On top, they placed white tea cups and scalloped saucers from Cailini Coastal to match the gentle whites throughout the table.
  4. To highlight the blue and white hues, they laid out blue scalloped napkins from Fenwick Fields with gorgeous wicker flatware to add some contrasting color.
  5. Complete the table with a gorgeous white hydrangea centerpiece!

  • Floral paper placemats with green cabbage dishes
  • Floral paper placemats with green cabbage dishes

We love the feeling when spring has sprung! Our April paper placemats are the ultimate spring placemat, complete with small blue flowers and greenery. Sara Kessler takes this table to the next level with A+ layering! Scroll to read how you can recreate this look for your next spring table.

  1. First start with the gorgeous April paper placemats. They are simple, yet elegant, and so easy to style!
  2. Next, layer those fancy plates to really elevate your table. Like Sara did here, a great tip is to alternate colors to really give the setting depth. Start with a white plate from La Porcellana Bianca. They add a green cabbage plate from Bordallo Pinheiro. Now another white plate, and complete with a mini green cabbage bowl.
  3. For the centerpiece, we love how she chose our simple and neutral Wicker Paper Vase Wraps and placed easy Babys Breath flowers inside! Super elegant.
  4. For the glasses, she chose a simple and sophisticated glass from William Sonoma. Absolutely beautiful!

Last but not least… summer! We love dining al fresco in the summertime, and this post will be no exception! @leslielehrliving demonstrates the ultimate summer hostessing experience with this blue and white serving tray special! Scroll to see how you can create this for yourself at your next summer party.

  1. First, Leslie took our Personalized Blue Burst placemats and added them to her plain acrylic serving tray to elevate her party and really personalize her guests’ experience.
  2. Next, she placed rattan/wicker glasses on top to add some texture.
  3. Leslie is a blue and white PRO, and we love how she let it shine with all of the gorgeous blue and white chinoiserie pieces. She laid out a blue and white bowl and filled it with ice and pink bubbly for her guests to enjoy! And she used our Lucy Grymes Chinoiserie Paper Vase Wraps with pink and blue flowers for the perfect centerpieces.
  4. Remember those little umbrellas you would get in your drinks at restaurants?!? We love how Leslie got the ultimate drink umbrella and laid it out on her table for a perfect decoration that helps keep all of the drinks extra cold from the hot summer sun.