Summer Citrus Party

Planning a summer party can get pretty stressful – between finding a day that works for all your friends, planning a menu and hoping the weather will cooperate. However, you can trick your guests into thinking you have it all under control by finding your inner table-setting skills to create a fresh summery table-scape.  

And what’s more appropriate to celebrate summer than citrus? The bright yellows and oranges of fruit channel the vibrant happiness of summer. 


These lemon paper placemats scream “Summer Citrus Party” and are perfect to use as a base to create a fun, yet sophisticated tablescape. Placing these placemats on your table instantly turns it into a citrus oasis. It is as simple as that!


These beautiful soft blue hydrangeas pick up on the placemat’s bright blue brushstrokes. And honestly, what exemplifies summer more than a table full of hydrangeas? I mean Lana del Ray even gives the flower a shout out when talking about summer in her song “Old Money.”  I also chose to use small vases - aka stemless wine glasses – to create individual arrangements. It gives the table a casual summery feel.


I did not go all out with accessories since our placemats are a bold statement piece. I scattered some porcelain lemons around the vases, but you can easily achieve the same look by using real lemons. Just work with what you already have! There is a lot of variety when working with citrus – cut them up, use as garnish, pile in a bowl, or mix and match all different kinds.

Lucy Dean