Effortless Entertainment

Hosting your family and friends is exciting, but at the same time, it can be a big hassle creating stress, which takes away all the fun.  That is exactly why I am creating this blog to help make setting a beautiful table a breeze. My goal is to get you to kick back and enjoy your guests.  No matter why you are setting a table – breakfast for two or a themed party for twenty – you can take the same approach I have outlined below.

Step 1: What’s the occasion?

Usually you already have a reason to bring people together – birthday, life milestone, holiday, or maybe just because. No matter how quickly you come up with your theme for the occasion – whether it is complicated or simply a color – pulling it off seamlessly can often seem daunting. This blog will help guide and inspire you to set the party’s ambiance with your table setting. All while being stress free, right?


Step 2: Pick the perfect placemat.

I prefer to use high quality paper placemats to get a theme going for my table for two reasons. First, I get to change them each time I set my table, which keeps things fresh and gives me the freedom to go all out with my theme.  Second, I do not have to worry about guests staining my fancy linens, nor do I have to wash or press them later. They go straight into the recycling bin after the party! Less worry allows you to enjoy your guests more.


Step 3: Choose your flowers.

Who doesn’t love bouquets full of fresh flowers? Don’t worry if you are not an expert at flower arranging – they do not have to be complicated to be stunning. Plus, my future blogs will give you all the tips and tricks to make beautiful arrangements for your table.


Step 4: Add additional décor.

Sometimes you want more than just flowers to create a centerpiece that brings everything together. Tasteful accents  - however elaborate - can add some pizzazz to your table and emphasize the occasion’s theme. You can think outside the box here because the sky is the limit - especially if you are a DIY person. Are you going to add festive napkin rings? Or make place cards? Perhaps you want to keep it simple and minimalist? This is where you get to use your creativity and have your table reflect your personality.


Step 5: Plan your menu.

If cooking is one of your hobbies, this part is easy. Let’s be honest, I do not entertain to show off my cooking skills. I tend to look for a themed cocktail first and build my menu around it. I’ve found lost of goods that are quite tasty with spritzes and tequila! I will stick to showing off my beautiful table settings instead.

Blog 1 Cocktails FLAT.jpg

And voila, you have a beautiful table to welcome your guests and show them you are excited to entertain them.

Lucy Dean